A priest sleeps with a parishioner…a boy loses faith in his father…a little girl ruins her cousin’s marriage…a man is imprisoned with Frog Woman…a married woman knows she’s a slut.

These twenty-two stories of love, lies, loss and betrayal explore the fragile boundary between truth and fiction.  Confessions: Fact or Fiction? invites the reader to decide which stories are “true” and which are not.

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Check out some of the fabulous reviews Confessions: Fact or Fiction? has been receiving:

Confessions: Fact or Fiction? hit #9 on the St. Louis 2011 Bestseller List!

“A fascinating exploration of the murky boundaries between fiction and nonfiction.” — Janet Hulstrand, ranked 5 Stars on Amazon

“I got this books because I am doing research about the edges between fiction and memoir, and curious about why some writing ends up as a memoir and some as fiction. …I truly could not guess most of them! The reason is that they all created a world through language, setting, scene, and characters that invited me in.” — Linda Joy Myers

“When we read fiction, we play a game: Can we decipher all the clues the author gives us? Can we put together all the puzzle pieces to make sense of the story? Can we find a solution to the mystery that lies at the heart of human behavior? This collection of short stories and memoir takes that game to a whole new level…” — Karen S.

Confessions is an enthralling literary guessing game. Reading it, I often found myself disillusioned, stranded in the middle of the desert, wondering where the borderlines were and if it even mattered.” — Alyssa Disalvo, The Lit Pub